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Top Line

Persol RATTI Sunglasses. There is a surely an meeting point between the latest technology and impeccable styling. Between exclusive materials and expertly crafted finishes. Between functionality and style. That meeting point in the Persol RATTI Research Center where scrupulous attention to details is combined with CAD-CAM computerized system. And where designs are transformed into unique creation. Every Persol RATTI sunglasses model is a perfect miniature MASTERPIECE.

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Persol 69229 RATTI col. 96 front

Persol 69229 RATTI col. 96

349,00 €
Persol RATTI 649 soft-case LIGHT BROWN front

Persol RATTI 649 soft-case

59,00 €
Persol RATTI 803 col. 24 front

Persol RATTI 803 col. 24

419,00 €